Jason Schwartzman & Wes Anderson

Rushmore - Max Fischer 
Hotel Chevalier & The Darjeeling Limited - Jack Whitman 
Moonrise Kingdom - Cousin Ben 
Castello Cavalcanti - Jed Cavalcanti
The Grand Budapest Hotel - M. Jean 


"You wanna see my view of Paris?"

I love you. I never hurt you on purpose. 
I don’t care.

Wes Anderson, Hotel Chevalier, 2007.

Wes Anderson, Hotel Chevalier, 2007.

What Your Favorite Wes Anderson Movie Says About You: Hotel Chevalier 

Hotel Chevalier (short, 2007)
You are a diehard Natalie Portman fan, to the exclusion of anything else. In whispers, people refer to you as pretentious, but you know that’s because they’re just jealous.